ALBtelecom Speed USB

Super Internet wherever you are!


…with ALBtelecom Speed USB, starting from 450 ALL/month.

Choose ALBtelecom Speed Standard prepaid and get:

Eagle Speed Standard (prepaid)
Modem Price 3000 ALL
Bonus Unlimited Internet Free for the first 3 months
Optional features within or after a three-month period), possibility to register to monthly internet packages:
1 GB 4 GB 8 GB
450 ALL/month 1000 ALL/month 1800 ALL/month
or surf the Internet for only: 10.24 ALL/MB
  • All the above tariffs are VAT included.
  • The bonus of the high speed Internet of the first 3 months will be granted as 3GB each month.
  • The internet will be consumed for each 10 kByte.
  • You may send an SMS/es from your PC using the “ALBtelecom Speed” software. National SMS-es will be charged 16.2 ALL, and the international ones 18 ALL/SMS.
  • If you use a Speed ​​ALBtelecom Standard tariff plan, to enroll in an Internet packages, you can send, for free, an SMS from your computer with text "1GB", "4GB", or "8GB" to number 55755, depending on the desired package.
  • You may recharge by means of a recharge voucher, by texting RM XXXXXXXXXXXX to 141, by an e-top up and other alternative recharge channels. 
  • The speed will be reduced to 128 kbps in download and 32 kbps in upload within the first three month, after the consumption of 3GB/month.
  • This speed applies even after completion speed bonus during the first three months, after the consumption of 3GB/month.


For more information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, reach us on online chat support, reach us on WhatsApp or Viber to 067 2000123, or call Customer Service to 123.


Last Update: 19 December 2016