Mobile Wi-Fi Device


How to take your internet connection with you whenever you go?

For only 5,500 ALL you benefit:

  • Your brand new Mobile Wi-Fi Device
  • 5 GBs of Internet
  • 1 Data SIM Card

The two dedicated internet packages for the device are:

Giga Super 25 Giga Super 50
PRICE 1,500 ALL 2,500 ALL
internet VOLUME 25 GB 50 GB
VALIDITY 30 days 30 days
  1. The device can be purchased any ALBtelecom shop.
  2. You can activate the packages by using one of the below methods:
  • Through the Profili Im app
  • By sending an SMS to 138 with the text:
    • G25 for the Giga Super 25 package
    • G50 for the Giga Super 50 package 
  • By visiting the nearest ALBtelecom shop
  • By using the *100# Menu 
  1. The SIM card, which is benefited for free, will have a validity of 360 days.
  2. The 5 GB Internet initial bonus will have a validity of 14 days, and will be benefited only once, when the client purchases the device with the SIM card.
  3. The volume of the internet will have a step charge of 10+10 kb. The tariff on the internet volume will be 0,10 ALL/10 kb.
  4. The internet monthly packages have limited internet volume. Upon consumption of the benefits of the packages, you will be charged through standard tariffs of you tariff plan.
  5. To check the balance of the activated package you can send an SMS with the text Balance to 138; for the balance of the initial 5 GB internet package through the Profili Im app.
  1. If you are using one of the internet packages and at the same time you activate another one, the units of your first package will no longer be available.
  2. The units of the package are not available while Roaming.
  3. You can simultaneously have the monthly internet packages of: Giga Super 25, Giga Super 50, as well as 500/750/1000/1500/3000 packages.
  4. The prices of the packages include VAT.

For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, get support on Whatsapp or Viber to 067 2000123, download the Profili Im app on your mobile, or contact our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 11 September 2020