Details on SuperSmart Unlimited Plan

  1. *For unlimited minutes and SMS units, the Fair Use Policy applies, for up to 5,000 units. For unlimited internet, the Fair Use Policy applied, and after the consumption of the volume of 70 GBs of 3G / 4G speed, you will continued to navigate with unlimited internet but with reduced speed of 264 kbps for data download and 96 kbps for data upload data.
  2. The benefits of the plan are valid within one calendar month.
  3. In the first month of activation, the monthly subscription and the units included in the package are full, regardless of the date of activation, also in the month of deactivation, regardless of the date of termination, the monthly subscription and the units included will be full.
  4. After consuming the minutes or SMS of the Plan, or when the minutes or SMS are not included in the selected package, you will be charged according to the standard tariffs of the plan.
  5. National minutes are valid towards all mobile and fixed operators in the country.

  6. The international minutes are available towards all operators in 30 states: Italy, Greece, France, Germany, USA, Canada, China, UK, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Lithuania,Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, Portugal and Slovakia.
  7. The national SMS are available towards all national operators (Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications); the on-net SMS are available towards ALBtelecom Mobile; while the international SMS are available towards all destinations.
  8. The step-charge on calls will be 30 + 1 seconds, while that of the internet every 10 Kb.
  9. The validity of the contract is 18 months.
  10. In case of termination of the contract before the initial deadline specified in this offer, the subscriber will pay the full value of the remaining monthly subscriptions.
  11. The benefits of the SuperSmart Tariff Plan are valid while roaming on the Western Balkans up to the extent of the Fair Use Policy.
  12. The units of these plans are as well valid on Western Balkans Roaming. For further info, click here.
Last Update: 7 October 2021