Details on Extra International 1 and 2 Packages

  1. Extra International 1 and 2 Packages are only valid if you have one of the Super Packages activated.
  2. To check the balance of these packages, send an SMS with the text Balance to 145.
  3. International minutes are valid to all operators in: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, England, China, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic and Macedonia.
  4. The minutes volume step charge will be 60 + 1 seconds.
  5. The validity of the packages is 30 days from the moment of activation.
  6. If you are using one of the packages and at the same time buy a new package, then the benefits of your first package will no longer be valid.
  7. The benefits of the packages are not valid while roaming.
  8. The value of the packages includes VAT.

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Last Update: 6 May 2021