Super 1500 Package

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Choose your Super 1500 Package and for only 1,500 ALL get:

  • 2500 minutes towards national destinations;
  • 30 international minutes;
  • 2500 minutes towards ALBtelecom Landline;
  • 2500 SMS towards ALBtelecom Mobile;
  • 250 national and international SMS;
  • 8 GBs of Internet;
  • 8 GBs of 4G Internet;
  • Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram for Free;
  • With a validity of 28 days!

Send a free SMS towards 131 with the text S1500 to activate the package!

  1. In order to check your balance send an SMS with the text Balance to 145.
  2. The international minutes are available towards all operators in: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, England, China, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  3. The national minutes are valid towards all the other national mobile and fixed operators.
  4. The step charge of the minutes’ consumption is 60+60 seconds; the internet’s 10kB + 10 kB.
  5. The validity of the Super Package is 28 days, while that of the ALBtv Mobile package is 30 days from the activation date.
  6. The traffic on Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook will be free of charge for the first 10 GBs. 
  7. If you are using one of the packages and at the same time you buy a new package, the benefits of your first package will not be valid any longer.
  8. You can consume up to three packages within one calendar month.
  9. The benefits from the packages will not be valid while roaming.
  10. The price of these packages is VAT included.


For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, find WhatsApp or Viber support at 067 2000123, or contact our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 15 September 2017