Additional details on RLAH

  • In accordance with the RLAH model, all mobile subscribers will not have roaming tariffs applied for calls, SMS or data and will be charged for all mobile services consumed while roaming in the Western Balkans according to the respective tariffs (PAYG / Prepaid package and postpaid, etc.) applied in Albania for mobile services, such as: outgoing calls, incoming calls (0 ALL), outgoing SMS (incoming SMS 0 ALL), and Internet (according to FUP).
  • Subscribers who use prepaid or postpaid packages / offers will have the opportunity to use the units of services included in the fixed periodic (monthly) payment or prepaid offers (daily / weekly, 30-day, etc.) while roaming in the Western Balkans, as if they were in Albania, therefore, without additional tariffs. In case the subscriber has finished the respective units included in the package, or there is no active package, the roaming subscriber in the Western Balkans will be charged as if he were in Albania with the respective unit tariffs.
  • The use of roaming services in the Western Balkans according to the RLAH model is associated with policies of fair use of these services, which aim to avoid abuse and abnormal use of these services. ALBtelecom has the right to apply additional roaming tariffs, above the relevant tariff applied in Albania, which are related to cases of violation of the terms of fair use or exceeding the limit / quantitative limit of roaming data use in the Western Balkans according to AKEP FUP Regulation, as follows:

  1. The client / subscriber does not own or does not want to provide documented proof of permanent residence or permanent connection with Albania, if this is requested by the subscriber from ALBtelecom, when the latter has doubts that the subscriber is using the roaming service in the Western Balkans for purposes other than periodic travel;
  2. ALBtelecom has evidence / data that there is a risk of abusive or abnormal use of roaming services with RLAH mode by the respective subscriber, including cases when during a continuous period of 4 months the subscriber turns out to have a greater presence in BP (above 50% of the time connected to mobile network / roaming networks in BP) than in Albania, and there is a greater use (over 50%) of mobile roaming services in the Western Balkans than in Albania;
  3. The mobile subscriber has consumed all the amount / units of data (internet) included in the limit for use without additional roaming fee in the Western Balkans and is using the internet beyond this limit

Cases of violation of FUP rules, a) and b) above, may lead to the application by ALBtelecom of additional roaming tariffs in the Western Balkans for all roaming services (calls, SMS and data). While exceeding the limit (allowed amount) of roaming data usage in the Western Balkans in case c) above, may lead to the application of additional roaming tariffs (surchage) only for the retail service of roaming data.

The level of additional roaming tariff that ALBtelecom can apply according to the specific cases above, for abuse / abnormal use of roaming services, or exceeding the limit amount of internet for roaming consumption in the Western Balkans with tariff as in Albania, should not exceed the values the following:

4.73 ALL/minute for outgoing calls

2.36 ALL/minute for incoming calls

1.48 ALL/outgoing SMS

1.14 ALL/MB for the internet

Last Update: 12 July 2021