Roaming Western Balkans

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Use the "Roam Like at Home" service for FREE...

...because with ALBtelecom, you use your number for calls, internet and SMS, as if you were in Albania, even when traveling to the countries: Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you have an active standard 30-day prepaid package, like Super Start, Super 900 Unlimited, Super 1100 Unlimited, Super 1300 Unlimited, or Super 1900 Unlimited, you will be able to use its roaming units in the Western Balkans without any additional fees, up to the extent of the Fair Use Policy*.

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Super Unlimited Package Super Start Super 900 Unlimited Super 1100 Unlimited Super 1300 Unlimited Super 1900 Unlimited
Uncharged Internet Volume 880 MB 1.5 GB 1.89 GB 2.23 GB 3.26 GB

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* To avoid abusive or abnormal use of Roaming in the Western Balkans, Albtelecom implements the fair use policy (for more information click here!)

After exceeding the limit of the units of Fair Use, it will be continued with the remaining units of the package being charged with the tariffs of the table, as follows:

RLAH Outgoing calls (ALL/min) Incoming calls (ALL/min) Outgoing SMS (ALL/SMS) Incoming SMS (ALL/SMS) Data (ALL/MB)
RLAH Tariffs on Western Balkans (Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia)​ 4.73 0 1.48 0 1.14

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Western Balkans Roaming Tariffs

In case you do not have active any standard 30-day prepaid package / tariff plan, you have no units left in your package / plan, as well as you do not have any active roaming package, then with each operator, in the Western Balkan countries, you will to be charged according to the standard tariffs of your active tariff plan.

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Western Balkans Dedicated Roaming Package

Packages Roaming Kosovo Roaming Bosnia and Hercegovina Roaming Northern Macedonia Roaming Montenegro Roaming Serbia
Price 990 ALL​ 990 ALL​ 990 ALL​ 990 ALL​ 990 ALL​
Outgoing Minutes 200 200 200 200 200
Incoming Minutes 50 50 50 50 50
MBs of Internet 200 200 200 200 200
Validity 10 Ditë 10 Ditë 10 Ditë 10 Ditë 10 Ditë
SMS Registration text to 136 Kosove Bosnjë Hercegovine Maqedoni Mal i Zi Serbi

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Last Update: 28 June 2019