Roaming Western Balkans


Your SUPER Package in the Western Balkans!

Activate your Roaming Plus Western Balkans service for just 550 ALL and use the below benefits of your Super Package:

  • 100 outgoing minutes
  • 100 incoming minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 150 MB


Benefit from the preferential tariffs!

Preferential Tariffs Outgoing Minutes (ALL/min) Incoming Minutes (ALL/min) Outgoing SMS (ALL/SMS) Incoming SMS (ALL/SMS) Internet (Lekë/MB)
Western Balkans with an active Super Package 11.16 6 4.2 0 4.02

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Dedicated Western Balkans Roaming Package

Packages Roaming Bosnia Herzegovina Roaming North Macedonia Roaming Montenegro Roaming Serbia
Price 990 Lekë​ 990 Lekë​ 990 Lekë​ 990 Lekë​
Outgoing Minutes 200 200 200 200
Incoming Minutes 50 50 50 50
MB Internet 200 200 200 200
Validity 10 Ditë 10 Ditë 10 Ditë 10 Ditë
SMS Registration text to 136 Bosnjë Hercegovine Maqedoni Mal i Zi Serbi

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The cheapest Roaming Tariffs with the Western Balkans!

Outgoing calls towards all destinations
Incoming calls towards all destinations
Outgoing SMS towards all destinations
Promo Zone Western Balkan (Montenegro, Norht Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina) 22 6 9 13

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Last Update: 28 June 2019