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How can I use my ALBtelecom  Mobile number while in Roaming?

If you are traveling abroad your mobile phone will be connected automatically with one of the networks in the country you are visiting. 
If it is not connected automatically you can choose manually a network by using the menu of your mobile phone:
1. Select "Tools"  and then "Settings" at the menu,    
2. Select "Phone" and then "Network",    
3. Select "Manual Operator selection",    
4. Select the operator you want from the displayed list. 

To avoid any undesirable roaming charges, ALBtelecom customers living in the border areas shall apply the above mentioned procedure, manually activate ALBtelecom Mobile network.

How can I call from abroad ALBtelecom  numbers or other national operators?
To contact ALBtelecom Mobile numbers or other numbers you should dial the country code ex. 00355 or +355 and then the operator code ex. 67 for Eagle Mobile 0035567XXXXXXX or 68 for Telecom Albania ex. 0035568XXXXXXX.
To contact the fix numbers in your country you should dial the country code 00355 or +355 and area code ex. 4 for Tirana 003554XXXXXX.

If you need help you can contact our Customer Service at any time by dialling from abroad: 0035567123.

Now you can have Roaming!!!
Are you planning to go abroad and you are looking for a way to have contact with all? ALBtelecom Mobile provides roaming service worldwide.

Roaming for prepaid customers
Roaming service provides to ALBtelecom Mobile prepaid customers to make calls while are abroad. You will be automatically registered on the service but you should have enough credit to make the calls.

Roaming Internet service is not provided automatically but is activated by entering the code *125#.

Roaming for postpaid customers
Roaming service for postpaid customers is not automatically activated and they should visit the nearest ALBtelecom shop and get informed. In the shop they can pay the guarantee in order to activate Roaming service.

To see Eagle Mobile shops network, click here

All the postpaid individual customers can profit from the Incoming Roaming Service whenever abroad. They will receive incoming calls and SMS in any country that they will roam.

Table of Guarantees  

       Initial subscription payments                                                       Amount                        
Roaming Guarantee 500-25,000 Lekë
Customer Care (123) Free
Call to 141 Free

If you are a prepaid customer before leaving Albania you can check and recharge your account by contacting 141 or by using ALBtelecom Star *100# OK menu.

If you are a postpaid customer before traveling abroad make sure that you have paid your invoices and take the confirmation that your Roaming service is active.


Basic services that can be used when abroad are as follows:

Calls, SMS, MMS and internet use.

Before you leave, you should activate MMS & Internet for your number.

Deactivation of the Internet Roaming Service

All our customers traveling abroad have the option to deactivate only the Internet Roaming Service as per their wish and needs. Such deactivation can be done by entering the simple code *126# OK. In this way we can navigate in internet pages while in Roaming.

Upon returning in Albania, the users may activate again the Internet service by entering the code *125# OK.

This service is for free.

All the customers will be notified for this service via the SMS-s "Bon Voyage" and "Welcome Home" received respectively when leaving the country or coming back.

For further information, please contact 123.

If you are a prepaid customer, you can use the menu ALBtelecom Star with all the services included herein by entering the simple code *100# OK, as you do when in Albania.

If you are a postpaid customer, you can also use the code *100# OK and profit from the services provided for postpaid subscribers.

Information for the visitors

The visitors from other countries and operators can use Eagle Mobile network by profiting from the lowest tariffs and contemporaneous services during their visit in Albania. They can use their mobile phone in any country that they travel because Eagle Mobile provides a coverage of 98% in the whole country.
Valid services for visitors of ALBtelecom  Mobile network:
ALBtelecom Mobile provides a number of services such as: calls, SMS, ALBtelecom Star menu, MMS, GPRS, Call Waiting, Call Holding, emergency calls:
Policy                             129
Ambulance                    127
Fire services                 128
Emergency services     112
Finally, ALBtelecom Mobile provides the service  "Daily Info" for all  the visitors in Albania, informing them on weather conditions and exchange rate for any day of staying in Albania.

For any information feel free to contact the Customer Care Services number: 0035567123.

Last Update: 19 December 2016