The Lucky Winner Page Scam

The “Congratulations You Won” pop-up message or page is a browser-based scam that asks you to complete a survey to usually win the latest smartphone from ALBtelecom (Samsung Galaxy, MacBook Pro, iPhone).

If you complete this survey, in the end, you’ll be usually asked to enter personal information, including your mobile number. Upon doing this, you will be trapped in the "wangiri" scam scheme, which will route your call to an expensive premium rate number, where you are asked to stay on the line for as long as possible. The longer you hold on the line, the more money they ultimately make.

To accomplish this, the scammers rely on a mix of social engineering and psychology. Having been told to have won a prize - usually the smartphone or other device - you are encouraged to fill in personal data, and afterwards wait on the line to claim your reward, while being charged for doing so.

How to Protect Yourself

In fact, there’s only one way to protect yourself from this scam, and it’s to refrain from clicking on any of these pop-ups, pages, or from returning calls from numbers you don’t recognize, particularly those from international numbers.

Please keep in mind that ALBtelecom rewards its customers only through its digital media channels, so the next time you see yourself winning a prize somewhere out of the blue, please visit our official web page and get informed about the veracity of this promotion.

And whenever personal data is required from you to fill in, or calls are included in the situation, please neither fill in anything, nor call back unknown numbers or answer those calls.

To sum up, in the case you are to confront the wangiri scams, in order to secure yourself from the scam, and any financial burden:

  1. Don't click on any tab, or submit any data, to claim any prize
  2. Don't answer to suspicious phone calls;
  3. Don't call the suspicious numbers back (they will appear on your missed calls list);
  4. Visit our web page to get informed about our latest offers/promotions, or directly contact our Customer Service at 123 and/or our points of sales to report the suspected scam.

Last Update: 24 June 2020