007 service

With the latest service “Servisi 007”, all prepaid & postpaid ALBtelecom Mobile subscribers have the opportunity to block all the incoming calls, whenever they prefer to not answer the phone.

 They can activate the service by dialing the code **21*55007# and then the dial button, for a period predetermined by them. 
After this action, the caller (A party) will hear a free of charge announcement, notifying him/her that the called party (B party) is unreachable. B party will be informed in real time with an SMS about the A party number, time and date in which the call was made.
In order to cancel the service, at any time, the subscribers can dial a simple code: #21# OK.
While the service is activated, the end-user can make outgoing calls as he/she normally does. 
B party can only be an ALBtelecom Mobile number, whereas A party can be any number.
“Servisi 007” is offered free of charge to the entire customer base.

Last Update: 19 December 2016