What is 4G?

4G is the fourth generation of mobile internet, which in Albania will be provided by LTE technology, and which provides an average data transfer speed 5 times higher than 3G, and 25 times higher than 2.5G. In this generation you will discover an increased security, less latency, and a higher stability than 3G.

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What are the advantages of 4G:

Provides high-speed Internet access or data transfer.

Guarantees the best quality of service.

Enables the use of standard formats on multimedia services (mobile interactivity, content, videos, etc.). The HD formats can always operate under Encodings.

Improves the quality of existing services

Uses IP technology (telephony and data)

Why should you choose 4G by ALBtelecom?

Because we are the only operator that can guarantee you the best quality of internet service!

Because we have the majority of fiber-connected antennas, as well as the only operator to have direct ownership on this infrastructure!

Only we can offer you multi-access online services, namely, ADSL / VDSL, Wi-Fi, 2G / 3G, and now 4G as well.

• Higher download and upload speeds

• Use of packet-switching communication for telephony (for the Internet)

• Higher safety (control and guarantee), the low latency, as well as reduced loss in signal

• Not automatically provided on Roaming

• Uses more battery

To use as a service:

o Requires specific mobile device/smartphone convenient (advanced one)

o Requires service activation

o Requires new SIM card

When will the 4G be offered?

All operators in the market need to launch the service by the 1st of September 2015.

Would I pay more to use the 4G?

We guarantee that the speed will be higher, and you will use Internet services that were previously unavailable. Meanwhile, you will not pay more; you will only use a higher speed for downloading and uploading data.

How fast will the ALBtelecom 4G be?

The 4G will offer an average speed which will be 5 times greater than the 3G, and 25 times greater than the 2.5G (the so-called EDGE). If you have used the ALBtelecom Wi-Fi service you have created a rough idea of ​​what Internet speed and experience we are talking.

Should I get a smartphone that supports the 4G today?

We suggest you do it quickly. Get a smartphone that supports 4G. Meanwhile, stay informed about the offers and packages that will surprise you.



The values ​​of the speed, or the comparisons are based on international standards, as well as on the investments made. We invite you to follow us on our social networks, or contact us at 123 or 042 200 123

Last Update: 19 December 2016