Guess Who I Am

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"Guess Who Am I" is a service designed for all ALBtelecom subscribers who want to surprise their friends by changing their voice when making a call.

With the "Guess Who Am I" service, for only 30 ALL/min, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy funny phone calls or play a trick to friends/family by changing their voice.

  1. Dial the number 147 and the call button;
  2. The secretary notifies you about the voice options:
  • Press 1 to choose a child's voice
  • Press 2 for a female voice
  • Press 3 for a male voicei
  • Press 4 for an alien voice
  • Press 5 for a thin voice
  1. Dial the number of the person you are calling, followed by the button #;
  2. The person you are calling will not see your number, but instead "guess who am I" on his screen
  3. During the call you can change your voice by:
  • Pressing 3 for switching to bass
  • Pressing 9 for a thin voice
  • Pressing 5 to switch to your normal voice
  1. After the call is over, the subscriber will be notified in real time through an SMS about the "Guess Who Am I" service.



  1. The originator of the call cannot make the call if:
    • he/she has reached the credit limit (in case of a postpaid tariff plan);
    • doesn't have enough credit (in case the subscriber belongs to the prepaid plan);
  2. Customers who are not ALBtelecom may as well use this service by calling 00355678800147, provided that the call is made only to ALBtelecom numbers.  
  3. The step charge will be 60+1.
  4. The price of the service is 30 ALL/min for the originator of the call.
Last Update: 18 October 2019