Invoice Control

Now, with the “Invoice Control” service, you will no longer worry about keeping your monthly mobile expenses under control. You can be automatically notified by an SMS when you reach a certain amount level selected by you. After being notified about reaching the limit, the customer can continue his/her communication using his own number.

ALBtelecom postpaid customers can choose among the following levels which fit best to their monthly expenditure and tariff plan, as well:
1. 3.500 Leks
2. 5.000 Leks
3. 10.000 Leks
4. 20.000 Leks
The above amounts are VAT included.

The required amount includes tariff plan monthly fee + monthly generated traffic + VAT.

Subscribers can register in the service via several means:

- By dialing the direct code *141*1# OK, to register easily and swiftly in the service.
- By sending an SMS with the text: “Kontroll (space) Amount to be notified” i.e. “Kontroll 5000” in55655.
In order to check the remaining credit up to the required limit, you can send “Balance” to the same number,55655.
“Invoice Control” users can cancel the service anytime they want, by sending “Anullo” to 55655.

You can benefit from this service through ALBtelecom Star menu as well. Dial the code *100#,after that you have to select Service Subscriptions category/Activations/Invoice Control Activation.
Customers can choose only one level which they will be informed about, every month. If they would like to change the limit and choose another one, the second limit will override the first.

Every MO SMS sent toward the short number 55655 and every transaction through USSD menu, related to the service, will be charged 16.2 Leks (VAT included)
“Invoice Control” is available to all ALBtelecom Mobile Individual & Corporate postpaid customers.

Last Update: 19 December 2016