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Surf on Internet by registering to internet packages offerd by Eagle mobile.

Choose one of the package: daily, weekly, 1GB, 4GB, 8GB by sending an sms with text "Ditore". Or by Eagle Star menu, *100#/ Latest offers/ Internet packages/ and choose the package you want.

Also you can check your balance by sending an sms with text "Balance" to 55755.

For further information about the packages please click here.

To configure Eagle internet in your handset please follow the procedure below:
Send an SMS to 54000 with the content: internet (space) and your phone type or by Eagle Star menu, *100#-> Configuration/ Register
All costumers in Albania can activate/ deactivate the internet by Eagle Star menu, *100#/ Configuration / Register or Unsubscribe.
All Eagle customers who are travelling abroad are able to deactivate only the Internet Roaming service, according their needs. They can simply dial *126# OK and the service will be successfully deactivated. Like this, they will not be able to navigate the Internet while Roaming.
Once they are back in Albania, Eagle customers can reactivate all Internet service via *125# OK.
This service is offered Free of Charge.
For further information please click here

Last Update: 19 December 2016