Top up

What is Top Up service?

This service is used by all prepaid ALBtelecom Mobile subscribers to recharge their balance through an SMS.

SMSes sent towards 141 for this service are free of charge for the prepaid subscribers, and 16.2 Leks for the postpaid subscribers.

Eagle Mobile subscribers can send an SMS to 141 with the text RM, followed by a space and the 12 digits code of the recharge card. 
E.g. RM 123456789012

-How can I recharge my credit through an SMS?
Send an SMS to 141, after writing the keyword “RM 123456789xxx” (RM the abbreviation for Rimbushje, space, and the scratch area code of 12 digits). After this, you will receive a confirmation message for the successful recharge.


-What is the price of a recharge SMS towards 141?
The SMS sent to 141 for the purpose of recharging will be free of charge. Only the unsuccessful transactions will be charged. No additional charge will be applied, but the normal SMS cost will be deducted from the subscriber`s credit once he sends the unsuccessful SMS inquiry to the assigned short number.

-What happens if the voucher is already used?
If the end-user receives a message notifying him that the voucher is not available, he can check it by giving the serial number to CC agents or to Eagle Mobile shop employees.

-What about the expiration period?
The expiration period will be the same when recharging via SMS, or when recharging through IVR

Last Update: 19 December 2016