Details on the Super Holidays Package

  1. The short call center number is included in national calls (123).
  2. To check the balance of this package, send an SMS with the text Balance to 145.
  3. National minutes are valid to all national fixed and mobile operators: ALBtelecom, Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications and other national fixed networks.
  4. National SMS are valid to all national mobile operators: ALBtelecom, Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications.
  5. International minutes are valid to all operators in: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, England, China, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  6. The volume of minutes step-charge will be spent according to the scheme 60 + 60 seconds.
  7. The validity of the Super Holidays Package will be calculated 14 days from the moment of activation.
  8. The subscriber will have the opportunity to register in one month up to three times within a calendar month.
  9. If you are using a Super Holidays package and at the same time buying a new package, then the benefits of your first package will no longer be valid.
  10. The value of the package includes VAT.

For more information, read the notification here, visit our ALBtelecom shop or contact our Client Service at 123.

Last Update: 26 May 2021