Car Insurance with FolFiks



Choose one of the two FolFiks Packages:

FolFiks​ 1000 FolFiks​​ 1500
1,000 ALL​​ 1,500 ALL

And get -20% discount on you TPL Car Insurance

This offer is available if:

  • You choose a new FolFiks Package,


  • Renew your existing FolFiks Package, 


  • Get a new FolFiks Package of higher monthly fee than you existing one.

1. All the subscribers that will sign a new contract, renew their exiting one, or move to a higher monthly fee package, will get an unique code (via SMS to their contact number), which will serve to activate their TPL insurance policy with -20% discount.
2. In order to benefit, the subscriber must refer the code in the Intersig shops, together with other data which will be relevant to the Insurance Policy form, within the validity period of the received code. 
6. The validity of each benefited code will be 365 days.
7. If the subscriber has already benefited one unique code, he can no longer benefit a second one of the same benefit for the next 365 days, starting from the moment of code delivery. 

8. If the new contract will be accompanied by a promotion or tariff discount, you can not benefit from this offer.

9. The prices of the packages include VAT.

Last Update: 9 March 2018