2 GB as gift


Make a recharge for your ALBtelecom Mobile number through the alternative channels of BKT (ATMs, BKT e-Banking, or BKT Smart) and get 2 GBs of internet as gift for your mobile number!

1. The 2 GBs gift can be consumed within 30 days starting from the moment of the recharging. 

2. The gift can be benefited every time you make a recharge of 500 ALL and up, through the BKT alternative channels (ATMs, BKT e-banking, or BKT Smart).


For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, get support on Whatsapp or Viber to 067 2000123, download the Profili Im app on your mobile, or contact our Customer Service at 123.



Last Update: 9 January 2018