New number activation


If you activate a new ALBtelecom Moble number, for 12 entire months you get FREE minutes, Internet, and SMSes on every recharge you make.

5GB Internet gift valid for 30 days

Bonuses per recharge:

Recharge Bonus Validity Price
From 500 to 999 ALL 300 national minutes + 1 GB of Internet 14 days Free of charge
Over 1000 ALL 300 national minutes + 300 national SMS + 2 GB of Internet 14 days Free of charge

*The above prices include the VAT.

  1. The benefits of the bonus will be valid for 14 days and are automatically available on the first recharge of the month. The amount of the recharge will not be depleted.
  2. The bonus from the recharge will be available for 12 entire months.
  3. In order to check your balance, send an SMS with the text Balance to 130.
  4. The national minutes are available towards all national operators: ALBtelecom Mobile, Vodafone, Telekom Albania, Plus, and other national fixed operators.
  5. The depletion scheme on the minutes’ volume will be 60+60 seconds, while that of the Internet every 10 kB.
  6. After consuming the benefits of the bonus, you will be charged by the standard tariffs of the tariff plan which you belong to.
  7. The benefits of the packages are not available while roaming.


 For further information, visit our ALBtelecom shop or contact our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 21 November 2017