Recharge from My Profile and get 25 GB BONUS

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Now you can recharge from the "My Profile" application and be rewarded with BONUS Internet!

25 GBs of bonus internet for the first recharge

Then, any time you recharge from "My Profile", every time you get rewarded with BONUS internet

2 GBs for each recharge from 300 - 499 ALL
5 GBs for each recharge from 500 - 999 ALL
15 GBs for each recharge of 1,000 ALL and up

Find out how to recharge through My Profile below:

Furthermore, you will receive a 5 GBs of bonus internet for registering for the first time in "My Profile" app.

Download the My Profile app on Mobile below:

  1. 25 GBs bonus for the first recharge is given for the first recharge that will be made after the launch of this offer.
  2. The 25 GBs of bonus for the first recharge is valid for 10 days.
    The bonus for other 2 GB / 5 GB / 15 GB recharges is valid for 30 days.
  3. The 5 GBs bonus for registering in "My Profile" is valid for 30 days.
    Bonuses are benefitted from the number receiving the recharge, regardless of who completes the recharge.
  4. If you received a 4 GBs of bonus before launching this offer, by registering in "My Profile" or activating packages from "My Profile", you will continue to benefit from the package until it expires.
    Bonus internet is consumed at 10 kB intervals.
  5. All the bonus packages mentioned above can be used in parallel, each with the corresponding validity.
  6. If you receive the same bonus, before the first bonus has expired, then the remaining amount of the first bonus is added to the second bonus and you get the validity of the second bonus; hence the values ​​accumulate.
Last Update: 1 July 2021