Roaming Packages + Travel Health Insurance


Travel safe and stay everywhere connected with ALBtelecom Roaming!

If you activate one of the 10-days Roaming Packages or the PromoZone Extra Roaming Package, you get the Travel Health Insurance for 15 days as GIFT!

Packages Roaming PromoZone 10 Roaming PromoZone Internet Roaming PromoZone Extra Roaming Greece Roaming Turkey Roaming Montenegro Roaming Germany Roaming Kosovo Roaming Italy Roaming Bulgaria Roaming Macedonia
Price 990 ALL 990 ALL 1,590 ALL 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë 990 Lekë
Outgoing minutes 100* 0 50** 200* 200*​ 200*​ 200*​ 200*​ 200*​ 200*​ 200*​
Incoming minutes 100 0 50 50 50​ 50​ 50​ 50​ 50​ 50​ 50​
Outgoing SMS 100 0 50 - - - - - - - -
MB Internet 100 200 100 200 200​ 200​ 200​ 200​ 200​ 200​ 200​
Validity 10 days 10 days 4 days 10 days 10 days ​ 10 days ​ 10 days ​ 10 days ​ 10 days ​ 10 days ​ 10 days ​
Registration Text via SMS 10 Internet Extra Greece Turkey Montenegro Germany Kosovo Italy Bulgaria Macedonia
Travel Health Insurance​ Gift

*The outgoing minutes can be used only towards ALBtelecom Mobile.

**The outgoing minutes can be used towards all destinations.

The insurance policy is available for 15 days and its coverage is up to 30,000 Euros.

  1. To activate any of the Roaming Packages:

    • send an SMS to 136 with the text of the selected package;
    • download the "Profili Im" app and easily activate them from your menu;
    • use the ALBtelecom Star menu of your mobile phone;
    • visit our ALBtelecom shops.


  2. With the activation of the Roaming Packages which benefit from the Travel Health Insurance Policy, you will receive a 6-figures code via SMS, which will serve as an activation code of your Travel Health Insurance policy in Intersig. 
  3. The code can be used within 10 days starting from the moment of the Roaming Package activation, so after getting it, you can visit one of the Intersig shops to acquire your Travel Health Insurance Policy as gift. 
  4. You get the codes as many times as you activate the roaming packages which benefit the policy as gift, but you don't get a second code if the 10-days validity hasn't ended yet. 
  5. The coverage of the travel health insurance is available for Europe only, and it matches the zones according to the states of the Package you acquire. 
  6. The available tariff plans who benefit from the offer are: Standard Prepaid Plan, SuperRiniring, Life 1, Life 2, Life 3, Life 4, Life Control 800, and Life Control 1200.
  7. The Travel Health Insurance Policy is valid for 15 days, and covers an insurance amount of up to 30,000 Euros. People over 65 years o;d cannot benefit from this travel health insurance policy, but they can transfer the promotional code to another person. 
  8. This insurance covers: 
  9. Medical expenses, including the emergency aid.
  10. Repatriation expenses.
  11. Personal accidents' expenses.
  12. The Travel Health Insurance conditions are found in the insurance policy, or on the official website of Intersig sh.a.
  13. The prices of the packages include VAT.
  14. For further details on the Roaming Packages click here.  


For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, get support on Whatsapp or Viber to 067 2000123, download the Profili Im app on your mobile, or contact our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 21 November 2017