Smart Senior Plan

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Don't miss any moment from your loved ones!

Get the Smart Senior Plan, for only 1,000 ALL/month and benefit:

  • General Mobile 8 GO Smartphone with the menu in Albanian
  • 500 national minutes
  • 3 GBs of Internet
  • 2000 minuta drejt ALBtelecom Fiks
  • 150 SMS kombëtare

  • 3 GBs + 10 international minutes as bonus, for 12 months in a row

Other benefits:

  • 10% discount on every purchase at Imi Pharmacy
  • 10% discount on all diagnostic services at the German Hospital
  • 20% discount at the Emerald Dental Policlinics

This offer is dedicated to all retired clients.

To benefit, visit the nearest ALBtelecom shop with your pension booklet and ID card.

  1. With the General Mobile 8 Go smartphone you get 3 GBs and 10 international minutes for free, as bonus, for 12 consecutive months.
  2. You can check the balance of your minutes, SMS and internet for the current month:
    • by sending a free SMS with the text "Balance" to 130;
    • through the My Profile application.
  3. National minutes are valid to all operators in the country (ALBtelecom Mobile, Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications, and other fixed operators).
  4. Fixed minutes are valid towards ALBtelecom Landline.
  5. On-net SMSes are valid towards ALBtelecom Mobile.
  6. National SMSes are valid to national operators (Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications).
  7. Within the Senior plan, the minimum initial airtime is
    30 seconds. After the first 30 seconds of airtime, price per second is applied, while out of the package, the plan's prepaid step charge is 60 + 1 sec.  
  8. The internet volume step charge will be 10 + 10 kB.
  9. The fixed monthly payment will apply at the end of the month. For the first month of activation, tariff plan units and fixed payments
    monthly for the part of the tariff plan will be calculated in proportional order to the remaining days of the month. In case the Deactivation of the Mobile Number is requested, the fixed monthly payment and the benefited units of the tariff plan for the last month will be calculated in full for that month; while the monthly payment for the part of the mobile device will be calculated in full, both in the first month of activation and deactivation.
  10. After consuming the Senior tariff plan units, the standard tariffs presented in the standard tariff table of individual prepaid tariff plan will be used. You can top up and / or activate a prepaid package to continue communication for that month.
  11. The minimum duration of the contract is 18 months. In case of premature termination of this contract, the penalty is equal to the amount of the remaining months of the contract.
  12. After the initial contract period of 18 months, the monthly fee applied will be only 700 ALL.
  13. The benefits of the selected plan are not valid while roaming.
  14. Minutes, SMS or MB not consumed will not transferred to the following month.
  15. The benefits of the plan are on a monthly basis.
  16. The international minutes benefited from the bonus are valid to all operators in the countries: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, England, China, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  17. The initial connection fee is 2,000 ALL.
  18. All the tariffs of the plan include the VAT.

For further information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact our Online Chat, get support on Whatsapp or Viber to 067 2000123, download the Profili Im app on your mobile, or contact our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 28 January 2021