One Super Family

Get a discount on the monthly home internet or IPTV fee and unlimited internet in your package or mobile plan, every month. Combine Internet & IPTV service in a single group by adding up to 5 mobile numbers to the group.
  1. In order to create the SuperFamily group you need to visit the ALBtelecom shops and fill in the form with the information on your landline number, and the mobile numbers of the other group members.
  2. The SuperFamily group may consist of a fixed ALBtelecom number, and of up to four other ALBtelecom Mobile numbers which must be Standard Prepaid or Super Riniring.
  3. All the new and existing fixed subscribers who are part of the tariff plans for families, can benefit from the offer of the SuperFamily group if they have created a group of one landline and one mobile subscriber.
  4. The discounting benefited from the monthly fee can be obtained only through registration to the Super Packages from any registration channel.
  5. 20% of the price of the Super Package will serve as discounts on the monthly fee of the fixed number. For example, if during the month one of the members activated the Package 1000 for 1,000 ALL, the monthly fee of the landline will be deducted by 200 ALL.
  6. The 20% deduction from the Super Packages is applicable even in the cases where the subscriber receives discounts of other offers for the Super Packages. In this case, the 20% discount is calculated for the amount paid by the mobile subscriber after the offer deduction. Eg. if the mobile subscriber gets the Super Package 2000 with a 30% discount, paying just 1,400 ALL, then the deduction on the landline fee will be equal to 20% of 1,400 ALL, i.e. 280 ALL.
  7. The more registrations the group members make during a month, the most significant the deduction of the monthly fee for the landline will be; with a maximum deduction of 4,800 ALL, applicable to the cases when the four mobile numbers register 3 times in a month to Package 2000.
  8. The maximum amount of the deduction for the monthly fee in one month may be as much as 100% of the net value (if there are other applicable discounts from other offers) of the monthly fee, depending on the registrations made by the group members to the Super Packages.
  9. The registrations to the packages will not be considered if the landline has no service due to financial obligations, or is part of a tariff plan which is invalid to the offer.
  10. The landline number is the leader of the group and thus he can manage the group by:
    • Adding or accepting up to 4 mobile members
    • Removing existing members, 90 days after the entry into the group
    • Disabling the group, 90 days after its creation
  11. The members of the group have the right to:
    • Leave the existing group and create their own SuperFamily group.
  12. The group will be automatically deactivated if the fixed number, or the last mobile number will be no longer available. The fixed, or mobile number can be no longer available for nonpayment reasons, for number portability reasons, or upon subscriber's request.   

For more information, please visit our ALBtelecom shops, contact us through our online chat, on WhatsApp or Viber to 067 2000123, or call our Customer Service to 123.

Last Update: 31 January 2017