Become a SuperFamily

Create your own SuperFamily group!

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Create your Superfamily group and get:

  • The 200 ALL discount on the monthly fixed service fee: 200 ALL (with VAT) will be deducted from the monthly fixed service fee (which includes landline and / or IPTV and / or internet) for each purchase of Super packages (starting from Super 700) from prepaid mobile members, in the Control plans of the SuperFamily group, and for each member with an individual contract that on the 1st of each month has no liabilities.
  • The 1 GB internet gift every month: For individual prepaid numbers, and the Control plans will be given 1 GB internet gift after each activation of Super packages (starting from Super 700), which you will receive 24 hours after completing the Super Package activation. While for postpaid numbers will be given 1 GB of internet as gift on the 1st of each month if the contract is in active status and there are no unpaid bills.

How is the SuperFamily group created?

For you who have a contract with ALBtelecom for any of the fixed services: IPTV, Internet or Fixed with family packages.
  1. Go to the nearest shop, and fill out the statement with the ALBtelecom Mobile numbers you want to include in the group.
  2. Complete the application here to create the SuperFamily group. Depending on your choice, you can be part of the group from 1 to 4 mobile numbers, which must be in the standard tariff plans with Prepayment, Super Riniring, Control or Super Smart Individual.
  3. Complete the request here to modify the SuperFamily group (to add / remove one of your group members).
  4. Send the request together with the documents (a. Fixed and Mobile number that will be part of the SuperFamily group, as well as determine who will become the Group's Mobile Leader, b. A photo of the person who owns the fixed number contract of the group where the face appears and ID, c. A close-up photo of ID is displayed near the face.) at

If your family members are part of another operator, invite them to pass the number to ALBtelecom Mobile via number portability: with the same number, with better packages. Once they have become part of ALBtelecom Mobile, you can request to join your group in one of the ALBtelecom stores or by filling out the application here.

For those of you who have an ALBtelecom Mobile prepaid number on standard plans with Prepayment, SuperRiniring, Control or Super Individual Super Smart.

If you have received the television / internet or landline in your family from another operator, you only need to try one of the SuperMiks packages from ALBtelecom. You can get up to 100% discount on your SuperMiks package. Be the Superfamily and take advantage of the offer

Last Update: 13 July 2020