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Activate Super packages with Klik-On service

  • Activate by a phone call, pay next month
  • 200 ALL discount for each Super package (starting from Super 700)

How to use Klik-On service?

This service is valid only for SuperFamilja members. The Mobile group leader can activate Super packages for all mobile numbers that are part of his group, by calling the short number 130 and following the instructions.

You are Mobile group leader and one member of your group needs a Super package?

You don`t need to visit shop. You don`t need even to have the required money right now to buy the package!

  1. Just call the toll free number 130 from your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the number for which you will activate a Super package (one of your group members)
  3. Select the Super package that you shall activate.
  4. The selected mobile number will immediately receive the benefits of Super package that you have activated for it (with the same specifications that this package has even if it is activated in shop).
  5. In case the activation of monthly prepaid mobile packages is performed through “Klik ON” service, then the 200 ALL value shall be discounted from respective price of monthly prepaid mobile package purchase.
  6. The next invoice shall contain also the value of Super package by 200 ALL discount.

The allowed amount to be spent for Super packages` activation for the members of a group is 6,500 ALL per month for all packages activated by the short number 130. The Mobile group leader could be your mobile phone or that of any group member selected by you to perform this service.

How to become a Mobile Leader?

The Fixed leader of SuperFamilja group, the person possessing the fixed services contract, can give access right to a mobile group member to use for free of charge the IVR 130 service by making a request to:

  1. ALBtelecom shops by completing the Declaration
  2. Online by clicking here to select one of mobile group members as Mobile Leader.

Click here to chose the Mobile Leader

  1. The "Klik-ON" service can be used by Mobile Group Leader of the Group to activate the monthly prepaid Super packages (starting from Super 700) for all mobile members of SuperFamilja group by calling the toll free number 130
  2. In case the monthly prepaid mobile packages activation is performed through "Klik-ON" Service, then the 200 ALL value shall be discounted from respective price of monthly prepaid mobile package purchase.
  3. The monthly prepaid mobile packages benefits or content activated within the SuperFamilja group, are the same as the standard monthly prepaid packages in market, which are offered to all ALBtelecom subscribers.
  4. In case a mobile subscriber is part of SuperFamilja group and at same time has other active promotions such as discounts on monthly prepaid mobile packages, then these promotions will not be benefited if the activation of packages is performed through "Klik-ON" service. In this case, the subscriber benefits only the defined offers of SuperFamilja group.
  5. Monthly prepaid mobile packages activations through "Klik-ON" service will be invoiced as a total amount on fixed services` fee.
  6. The allowed amount to be spent by "Klik-ON" Service is 6,500 (six thousand five hundred) ALL per month.

ALBtelecom can change at any time these "Terms and Conditions", only through individual Notification of subscriber (which could be via SMS or phone call through IVR, or  web-redirect or Pop-Up platform) at least 30 (thirty) days before their entry into force, which notification in cases when it does not contain sufficient details of changes, shall contain the address where the relevant changes are published. In case ALBtelecom Subscriber doesn`t make request for closure of SuperFamilja Group within 30 days upon Notification date, then the new conditions shall automatically enter into force for the use and benefits of SuperFamilja Group.

Last Update: 14 May 2020