Lan to Lan service


This service offers the possibility to connect separate LAN networks of companies that are physically positioned in different sites, through use of Albtelecom infrastructure. LAN to LAN is a transparent LAN Service (transparent meaning the whole network is considered one) that gives the opportunity to offer to customers data communications and transmission at native Ethernet speeds between sites within service areas, a type of WAN service, with lower costs compared to other alternatives.

  • * Cost effective service especially related to utilized,
    * The LAN connectivity is offered utilizing Ethernet standards, a well known standard by technical people.
    * The network can operate and handle multiple communication protocols.
    * Offers greater scalability than other services, because the service can be updated in granular bandwidth increments from 64 kbps each.
    * Full range of port options: * Servers, applications, services and support are centralized.
    * Flexibility through this services ability to support any number of sites and configurations, based on digital fiber network available throughout Albania.
    * 24 x 7 network monitoring service, assures reliability and customer satisfaction
    * High level of security, as LAN to LAN is a virtual dedicated connection, ALBtelecom can provide security checks up to layer 7.


The LAN to LAN services capacity range is offered through below methods:

256 Kbps to 2 Mbps over copper with SHDSL modems,
2 Mbps to 30 Mbps over copper with VDSL modem (for distances up to 1 km),
Higher than 30 Mbps over fiber.

Albtelecom is capable of offering LAN to LAN service through special customer requests, over fiber for speeds beyond 100 Mbps.

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Last Update: 29 December 2016