Leased lines & leased circuits


Benefits of leased lines/circuits:
• Connect distant offices/locations,
• Connect to international traffic,
• The line is always active, thus traffic can circulate the whole time (quality of internet availability almost 100%)
• The line is dedicated to one use, providing best quality of service,
• Can transmit high level of data transfer and large files,
• Are cost effective in relation to large traffic volume versus other data transmission technologies,
• Provides symmetrical service thus uploading is guaranteed (service recommended if uploading is important to your business: share large data files, stream HD video, provide online content, host data at a head office),
• Best security and threat monitoring

•          Digital national and international circuits 64 Kbps and 2 Mbps
•          Analogue national and international circuits composed of 4 wires
•          Leased lines for Local, national and international traffic.


Leased line is a permanent station between the end points of the network that is used only by one user based on the payment and product selection. In this case, the end user equipments (modems, multiplexes etj) will be installed by the client.

Leased circuit is a stationary telephone line when the end equipments are installed by ALBtelecom and is used by one specific user (for example a bank, a ministry or an institution) based on the payment and the product selection. Leased circuits can be two-wire, four-wire with 64 Kbps or 2 Mbps capacity. The two-wire circuit, 4-wire circuit and the 64 Kbps circuit represent a telephone channel or data transmission while the 2 Mbps circuit has 32 channels out of which 30 transmission channels, one synchronization channel and one signaling channel.
Some of the services that can be enabled through leased lines/circuits:
•          One E1 has 30 channels - capacity 2 Mbps
•          One E3 has 480 channels, equivalent of 16 E1 – capacity 34.3 Mbps
•          By using one STM 1 you can enable 63 circuits (E1) – capacity 155.5 Mbps

International circuits are built based on interconnection point. Neighbouring countries relates to all countries which Albania shares land borders and countries where Albtelecom has established fiber optic interconnection, non neighbouring countries includes the rest of countries and Albtelecom has the capacity to be interconnected practically with all the operators in Europe and beyond.
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National circuits’ prices: Monthly subscription fees.

Connection speed Fix Tariff ( Leke / Circuit) Variable Tariff (Leke / km)
Retail Wholesale Retail Wholesale
64 kbps 10,988 9,157 711 593
2 Mbps 16,482 13,735 1,068 890
34 Mbps 300,000 250,000 9,000 7,500
155 Mbps 600,000 500,000 18,000 15,000

National circuits’ prices: Installation fees.

Installation Fee (Leke per circuit) Retail Wholesale
64 kbps Trunk segment 1,962 1,635
64 kbps Termination segment 3,924 3,270
2 Mbps Trunk segment 2,942 2,452
2 Mbps Termination segment 5,886 4,905
34 Mbps 462,000 385,000
155 Mbps 516,000 430,000


Wholesale relates to sales to telecommunication companies.
Trunking relates to the intermediary part of a communication channel, not the termination part as it splits into many other channels.
Prices do not include 20% VAT.
International circuits (note the prices below are in Euro):

Neighbouring countries:

Connection Speed Installation Fee (Euro) Monthly Subscription Fee (Euro / Month)
Retail Wholesale
64 kbps 600 736 589
2 Mbps 1,740 8,906 7,125
34 Mbps 3,000 68,766 62,000
155 Mbps 4,000 122,680 110,000

Non-neighbouring countries:

Connection Speed Installation Fee (Euro) Monthly Subscription Fee (Euro / Month)
Retail Wholesale
 64 kbps   1,072 858
2 Mbps   12,514 10,011
34 Mbps 3,000 100,203 80,162
155 Mbps 4,000 204,066 163,253

Wholesale are considered sales to telecommunication companies.
The above tariffs are for Full Circuits to the client's end point.

Prices do not include 20% VAT

Last Update: 29 December 2016