Colocation Service

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This service offers the customers the possibility to collocate/host their IT (but also Telecommunication) equipment in ALBtelecom’s datacenters.

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This service is designed to fulfill business customer needs in terms of offering a certified datacenter environment that provides physical security, secured power supply, air conditioning, redundant connectivity, fire monitoring and suppression, local (on-site) visits and environment monitoring, for their owned and hosted equipment.

Why select this service:

  1. Very affordable prices for all service packages
  2. ISO 27001 certified datacenter
  3. Tier 3 in progress certification
  4. For some packages free installation or low installation fee,
  5. 2 (two) operated Data Centers,
  6. Unlimited traffic to and from the equipment,
  7. Redundant Power (2N Generator & 2N + 1 UPS),
  8. Redundant Cooling,
  9. Redundant Connectivity,
  10. Fire monitoring and suppression systems,
  11. Several additional support services to choose from,
  12. Carrier neutrality,


The service is provided in two main categories: Shared Colocation and Dedicated colocation.

Shared colocation: Appropriate for customers that want to collocate a limited number of equipment. Electrical power is included in the monthly price (up to kW indicated below).

Dedicated colocation: Appropriate for customers that want a more privately dedicated environment and capable of hosting a large number of equipment. Electrical power is included in the monthly price (up to kW indicated below).

Apart from the above standard colocation categories, customers can purchase add-on services, such as Cage, additional Internet/Data Services, additional Support services, anti-seismic floor, etc.

Cage: The cage service is suitable for customers who need added security and privacy for their purchased plan.

Additional internet & data services: Additional capacity serving the purchased colocation package to the datacenters, will be granted with a specific tariff specifically related to colocation purposes.

Additional support services: For customers that require performing simple functions of their equipment by our certified engineers.

-Minimum contract duration is of 12 months.

-The service activation goes through an approval process.

For additional enquiries, please send an email to, or contact our Customer Care to 149 (or 042200149).

Last Update: 29 December 2016