Email hosting service

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Any entity that wants professional email system with their company domain (or personal domain name), and that would also like to have the opportunity to expand in the future.

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Why select this service:

  1. Many options and packages to choose from,
  2. No installation or setup fee,
  3. Very affordable prices for all our packages,
  4. Packages that include large email volume,
  5. Web-based email system (accessible from multi devices: desktops, tablets, mobile, etc.),
  6. Web based control interface,
  7. Unlimited traffic to and from the servers,
  8. Local domains to facilitate local exposure,
  9. Compliant to many accesses and protocols (SMTP/POP3, IMAP4, and communication mediums,
The data for each package​ Email Light Email Standard Email Pro Email Advanced Email Advanced Pro
Installation Fee​ Free Free​ Free​ Free​ Free​
Operating system​ Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
No. of e-mail accounts per package ​ 5 20 50 200 500
Included​ 5 GB 5 GB​ 5 GB​ 5 GB​ 5 GB​
file size limit 15 MB 15 MB 15 MB 15 MB 15 MB
Web based accses Included Included​​ Included​ Included​ Included​
 SMTP/POP3 Free Free​ Free​ Free​ Free​
 IMAP4 Free​ Free​ Free​ Free​ Free​
 Local (Albanian) domains included​ 1 1 1 1 1
Price/month ALL (with VAT)​ 420 1,600 3,600 6,700 11,400


 ALBtelecom will offer a Microsoft mail based system (exchange) for an additional fee per month.

Email Light package is suitable for executive directors/managers of companies, small businesses and for demanding residents/individuals.

Email Pro is suitable for medium size organizations, requiring up to 50 email accounts for their employees.

The 24 hours monitoring and controlling through antivirus, and anti-spam software is included in the price.

All the traffic is certified using SSL certifications.

Last Update: 29 December 2016