Virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting service

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Virtual Dedicated Server service allows a customer to use a virtual server, by using ALBtelecom’s datacenter infrastructure. This service provides a dedicated number of CPU, RAM and operating system to the customer.

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This service is designed for any entity that would want to "outsource" their server infrastructure in a virtual manner. This service is appropriate for any entity wanting to host their server functions such as: application, communication, database, file, internet, web server, etc. The product provides a mixture of affordability, licensing, storage size for any demanding entity.

Why select this service:

  1. Many options and packages to choose from;
  2. No installation or setup fee;
  3. Avoidance of cumbersome and difficult configurations (servers are ready to use);
  4. The sources are dedicated, not shared with other users.
  5. Very affordable prices for all our packages;
  6. This solution is more affordable than physical servers;
  7. No time-restricted ordering (servers are already in the ALBtelecom datacenters);
  8. Packages that include a large storage volume;
  9. Web-based control interface (accessible from multi devices: desktops, tablets, mobile, etc.), remote access, FTP access, etc.;
  10. The default storage medium is based on iSCSI standard.
Details of each package VDS Light VDS Standard VDS Pro VDS Advanced VDS Advanced Pro
Installation fee​ Free Free​ Free​ Free​ Free​
 CPU (no. of processors) 1 2 4 8 12
 RAM  2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 24 GB
Storage  100 GB 200 GB 500 GB 1,000 GB 2,000 GB
Traffic limit​ Unlimited  Unlimited​ Unlimited​​ Unlimited​ Unlimited​
Akses Cloud (no. perdoruesve)​ 1 1 1 1 1
 Remote access Included Included​ Included​ Included​ Included​
 Public IP (static)​ 1 1 1 1 1



ALBtelecom will offer a Microsoft-based system for an additional fee per month, which covers the server licensing and other costs.

The 24 hours monitoring and controlling through antivirus, anti-spam software is included in the price.

All the traffic is certified using SSL certifications.

Several methods are available to access and modify the content: web based access, remote access, end user system interface, and even physical access (by visiting our datacenters).


Last Update: 29 December 2016