Virtual storage service

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Primarily a support service for shared and dedicated hosting, it will not be sold as a standalone; this service is appropriate for any user requiring adding scalable storage aligned to their existing subscription and that want to have multi device access.

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Why select this service:

  1. The end user can ask to increase his utilized space for the following virtual services: web hosting, servers, email, other hosted services, or secondarily can be used as a file transfer, content backup, terminal content backup service.
  2. No installation or setup fee;
  3. Very affordable than to actually purchase a new server, other hosting package;
  4. Storage is scalable and ready (no need to wait for the purchasing of servers);
  5. Packages that include large storage volume;
  6. Web-based control interface (accessible from multi devices: desktops, tablets, mobile, etc.), remote access, FTP access, etc;
  7. Same media type as purchased in the core hosted service.


Package​ iSCSI/SATA
Capacity​ (GB) Price/monthly (ALL)
10 GB 120
100 GB 600
150 GB 720
200 GB 840
250 GB 1,080
500 GB 1,800
1000 GB 3,000
2,000 GB 4,800
5,000 GB 10,800
10,000 GB 18,000

 *Above prices include VAT.

Customers that want a storage volume not included in the above list can combine existing ones and pay the respective total fee.

Due to the increased volume, the service volume utilization has a higher level as well.

Multiple methods to access the service are available, through end user system interface, remote access, web interface, mobile browser and even physical access by visiting one of our datacenters.

Last Update: 29 December 2016