Business Internet Prepaid Package

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Make your internet last as long as your vacations!

Now you can get your Internet service for periods of 1, 3 or 6 months. Prepay the monthly fee for the entire contract duration and get your package.

Business Prepay Packages Price/Month Internet Speed TV Content
Internet Prepay 8 Mbps​ 1,900​ ALL 8 Mbps -
Internet Prepay 16 Mbps​​ 2,200 ALL​ 16 Mbps​ -

1. In addition to the prepayment period, new customers in this package will pay a 3,000 ALL guarantee, which will be returned at the time of the contract.
2. The one-month subscription is available only to the existing customers in the prepaid package. New customers can subscribe only for periods of 3 or 6 months.
3. The fixed telephony service is not included in the price.
4. The installation equipment is provided for use without any additional charge.
5. Installing of the service is free for the 6-months contract, while it is only 1000 ALL for the 3-months contracts. 
6. The client can not change the package during the prepayment period.
7. The client must deliver the equipment to the store before the end of the contract. If the equipment is not delivered, a penalty will be applied to any equipment that is being used.
8. The deadline for re-subscription or delivery of the installation equipment is 30 days from the end of the 1, 3 or 6-month subscription period.

9. Together with the TV package you chose to subscribe, you get the RTSH channels for free.

10. This offer is valid until 5 September 2018.

11. The prices of the packages include VAT.


Last Update: 6 June 2018