International Offer


International package allows all business customers to stay in touch with business coworkers and get great low rates.
Through “International Option” corporate end users have the possibility to benefit very low tariffs toward international destinations (up to 65% lower tariffs)

By registering to “International Package” all business customers will benefit from lower international  tariffs.
Monthly registration fee -  600 Leke

Monthly registration Tariff (ALL/min)
Zone 1 600 36
Zone 2 600 51
Zone 3 600 51
Zone 4 600 51

All the above tariffs are VAT included.
The initial step charge is 30 seconds, after that charging per 10 seconds will be applied.
Zone 1 (neighbour countries): Kosovo, Italy, Greece, FYROM, Turkey, Montenegro.
Zone 2, 3, 4: All other countries.
International package is not applicable to Satelite.

• Send an SMS with text NDR/INT at 55555
• Through Eagle Star menu *100# Latest Offers /International/International Offer
Balance Check:
• The validity of the offer can be checked by sending an SMS with text “Balance” at 55555
• Through *100# Latest Offers /International/International Offer / Balance Check
For further information please contact our Sales Team or Customer Care at 149 or send an email at

-How long will one registration last?
Validity of International option is one month. International option will be automatically renewed every first day of the month for the users that will be registered.
- Will the tariffs be applicable while I am abroad?
These tariffs are not available while roaming.
All satellites destinations will not be included in the international charging option.

Last Update: 29 December 2016