Global Packages


Të gjithë abonentët Eagle Mobile mund të zgjedhin Paketën Globale të vlefshme për shtetin e dëshiruar nga lista e mëposhtme dhe të përfitojnë minuta kohë bisede për të komunikuar lirshëm me miqtë dhe të afërmit jashtë vendit.

All Eagle mobile subscribers can choose Global Packages valid for the desired country from the list below and take advantage of minutes of airtime to communicate freely with friends and relatives abroad.


Countries Minutes Price
Italy 60 450 leke
Greece 60 450 leke
United Kingdom 60 450 leke
Kosovo 15 450 leke
USA, Canada 60 450 leke
Turkey 25 450 leke
Germany 60 450 leke
Macedonia 15 450 leke
Montenegro 15 450 leke
Belgium 60 450 leke
France 60 450 leke

• To register in one of the packages with even with 30 days validity or with automatic renewal send an SMS with text one of the codes below dependent from state that you will chose to 55555
• Through the menu Eagle Star *100#  under the category Latest Offers /International/Global Packages/Global Packages 30 days validity or Global Packages with automatic renewal

• Global Packages with automatic renewal are "Italy" and " Greece"

Minutes Price Registration code Registration code automatic renewal
Italy 25 450 leke IT IT RA
Greece 25 450 leke GR GR RA
United Kingdom 25 450 leke UK UK RA
Kosovo 15 450 leke RKS RKS RA
USA, Canada 40 450 leke US US RA
Turkey 25 450 leke TR TR RA
Germany 25 450 leke DE DE RA
Macedonia 15 450 leke MK MK RA
Montenegro 15 450 leke ME ME RA
Belgium 30 450 leke BE BE RA
France 30 450 leke FR FR RA

For further information please contact our Sales Team or Customer Care at 149 or send an email at
Balance Check:
• By sending an SMS texting balance to the short code 55555
• Through Eagle Star Menu *100 # under the category Latest Offers / International / Global Packages / Balance Check.

- The above prices include TVSH;
- Packages are valid for 30 days from the time of activation and can be used only towards the state / country you have chosen 
- All the benefits/ minutes of the packages with automatic renewal will be automatically renewed each date 1 of the following month
- The activation of the Global Packages with Automatic Renewal can be done each day of the month, but the benefits/minutes will be valid up to the end of the month.
- You can subscribe to as many packages as you want to different states

- What will the tariffs be by the end of packages?
The prices will be after your tariff plan.
- How many times can I register in International Packages within the validity of 30 days from the registration in the first package?
Within the validity of 30 days you can register in the same or in any different package.
- Can I register at the same time in the Global package and in the International Offer?
No, you cannot register at the same time both in the Global packages and International Offer. You will have to wait for the expiration of the offer you are currently registered in order to register to the other one.

Last Update: 29 December 2016