Control Plans

ALBtelecom Control 900 Control 1500 Control 2200
Price ALL 900 ALL 1,500 ALL 2,200
Minutes towards ALBtelecom Landline 2000 2000 2000
Minutes towards ALBtelecom Mobile 2000 2500 4000
National minutes
International minutes 10 30 100
On-net SMS 2000 2000 4000
National SMS 200 250 500
International SMS 30 50 100
Internet (GB) 3 GB 8 GB 23 GB
Bonus for the Business category 5 GB 5 GB 5 GB
  1. Check your balance on minutes, SMS, and internet through:
    • sending a free SMS with the text Balance to 130 (free of charge).
    • contacting our Customer Service to 123. 
    • the Profili Im app.
  2. The national minutes are available towards all national operators (ALBtelecom Mobile, Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications, and other fixed operators)..
  3. The fixed minutes are available towards ALBtelecom Landline.
  4. If you are part of the Business category, you will benefit +5 GB internet as bonus, which will be available during the entire contract duration.
  5. The international minutes are available towards all operators in 17 states: Italy, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria, France, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, UK, China, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
  6. The on-net SMS are available towards ALBtelecom Mobile.
  7. The national SMS are available towards all national operators (Vodafone Albania, One Telecommunications).
  8. The international SMS are available towards all destinations.
  9. Within the hybrid plan (Control), the minimum of the initial airtime is 30 seconds. After the first 30 seconds, the price per second is applied, while when no package is being used, the plan's step charge becomes 60+1 seconds.
  10. The step charge on the Internet volume is 10+10 kb.
  11. The fixed monthly fee will be applicable at the end of the month. For the first month of activation, the tariff plan units and the fixed monthly fee will be proportionally calculated for the remaining days of the month. In the case when the deactivation of the number is required, the fixed monthly fee and the units benefited during the last month will be fully calculated for that month.
  12. Upon consumption of the Control Tariff Plan units, the standard tariffs of the Individual Prepaid Standard Tariff Plan prices table will be applied. In order to continue communicating, you can make a recharge and/or activate a prepaid package.
  13. The minimum contract duration is 12 months. In case of premature termination of this contract, the penalty is equal to the sum of the remaining months of the contract.
  14. The benefits of the selected plan are not available while roaming. 
  15. The unconsumed minutes, SMS, or MBs will not be transferred to the next month's balance.
  16. The benefits of the plan are on monthly basis.
  17. All the prices of this plan include VAT.


For further information you can visit our ALBtelecom shops, official webpage which provides support via  Online Chat, WhatsApp or Viber support at 067 2000123, or call the Customer Service at 123.
National Calls ALL/minutes 
Towards ALBtelecom Mobile  29.0 ALL/Min
Towards fixed telephony operators 29.0 ALL/Min
Towards other national mobile operators (One Telecommunications /Vodafone Albania) 29.0 ALL/Min
Towards national operators 16.2 ALL/SMS
Towards international operators  18.0 ALL/SMS
Mobile Internet/3G  
10 kB 0.10 ALL
Towards ALBtelecom Mobile  16.2 ALL/MMS
Towards other mobile operators  36.0 ALL/MMS
Towards international operators 80.004 ALL/MMS


Roaming Tariffs
  Outgoing calls towards all destinations 
Incoming calls towards all destinations 
Outgoing SMS
Promo Zone 1 25 25 10 20
Promo Zone 2 50 50 10 20
Zone 1 100 100 35 750
Zone 2 200 200 50 1000
Zone 3 300 300 60 2000


  1. You can check the balance of the gifted volume online in one of the following ways:
    • SMS towards 143 with Balance as text
    • My Profile App
  2. The Internet step-charge is 10 + 10 kb.
  3. After the consumption of this internet volume, you will be charged according to the standard tariffs of the tariff plan to which you belong.
  4. The bonus Internet package can stay at the same time the other internet packages are available.
  5. You can only get one bonus internet package for each activated Super package.
  6. Internet is not available while roaming.
Last Update: 10 September 2020