Business Easy

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Easy Communication, without monthly fee and competitive rates

Business Easy gives you the ability to communicate with more attractive fees, no monthly charges.

Fix monthly fee Free of charge
National calls  
Within the group 8.4 Lekë/minutë
On net calls 20.4 Lekë/minutë
Towards fix operators Albtelecom, other fix operators) 20.4 Lekë/minutë
Towards mobile operators (AMC, Vodafone) 30.0 Lekë/minutë 
International calls  
Zona 1 66 Lekë/minutë
Zona 2 102 Lekë/minutë
Zona 3 102 Lekë/minutë
Zona 4 180 Lekë/minutë
Zona 5 420 Lekë/minutë
SMS within the group 12.0 Lekë/SMS
SMS towards other Eagle numbers 14.4 Lekë/SMS
SMS towards AMC & Vodafone 15.6 Lekë/SMS
SMS towards international destinations 18.0 Lekë/SMS
MMS towards other Eagle numbers 16.0 Lekë/ MMS
MMS towards other national operators 36.0 Lekë / MMS
MMS towards international destinations 80.0 Lekë / MMS
10 Kb 0.10 Lekë
Customer care (139) FALAS
Registration fee  0 Lekë
National and international guarantee 3 000 Lekë
Roaming guarantee 30000 Lekë

Tariffs include VAT.

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- The initial charging period for national calls is 30 seconds. After the initial period, it shall be applied the per 10 second charging.
- The initial charging period for international calls is 30 seconds. After the initial period, it shall be applied the per second charging.
- Tariffs include VAT.

Last Update: 29 December 2016