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Travel with ALBtelecom Roaming and stay always connected!

Everywhere connected with ALBtelecom Roaming!

The best Roaming packages starting from 90 Lekë: 

 Packages Roaming PromoZone 1 Roaming PromoZone 4 Roaming PromoZone 10 Roaming PromoZone Internet Roaming PromoZone Extra
Price ALL 90 ALL 290 ALL 990 ALL 990 ALL 1,590
Outgoing minutes    10 *   30 *    100 * -     50 **
Incoming minutes 10 30 100 - 50
Outgoing SMS  10 30 100 - 50
MB Internet 10 30 100 200 100
Validity 24 Hours 4 Days 10 Days 10 Days 4 Days  
Registration Text via SMS to 136 1 4 10 Internet  Extra

*Outgoing minutes can be used only toward ALBtelecom Mobile.

**Outgoing minutes can be used toward all the destinations. 

You can register in Roaming Packages only if you have activated the Roaming Service. Otherwise, to activate this services contact 123 or visit ALBtelecom shops.

Packages Roaming Greece Roaming Germany  Roaming Italy  Roaming Turkey Roaming Bulgaria Roaming Montenegro  Roaming North Macedonia Roaming Serbia Roaming Bosnia & Herzegovina
Price 990 ALL  990 ALL​ 990 ALL​  990 ALL​  990 ALL​  990 ALL​  990 ALL​  990 ALL​  990 ALL​ 
Outgoing Minutes 200* 200* 200* 200* 200* 200 200 200 200
Incoming Minutes 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
MB Internet 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
Validity 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days
SMS Registration text to 136 Greqi Gjermani Itali Turqi Bullgari Mali i Zi  Maqedoni  Serbi Bosnje

Now Roaming with Kosovo is cheaper than ever!

Packages Roaming Kosovo
Price 990 ALL​ 
Outgoing Min 200
Incoming Min 50
MB Internet 200
Validity 10 days
Registration SMS text towards 136 Kosovo

*The outgoing minutes of the Roaming Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, germany Packages will be used towards ALBtelecom Mobile. 

The outgoing minutes of Roaming Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia Herzegovina will be used towards all national operators (ALBtelecom Mobile, Vodafone Albania and Telekom Albania). 


  • To check the balance send an SMS with Balance text toward 136.
  • To register in one of the Roaming Packages send an SMS toward 136 with the text as per the selected package; using ALBtelecom Star menu at your mobile phone; or visit one ALBtelecom shop.
  • You cannot activate simultaneously 2 roaming packages even when these can be 2 different packages. Exception is the Roaming PromoZone Internet package which can be activated together with one of the other Roaming Packages.
  • Roaming packages can be used only with the operators included in PromoZone 1, PromoZone Kosovo, and Promo Zone Western Balkans.
  • Outgoing SMS-s are valid toward all the destinations.
  • The step charge for outgoing and incoming calls is 60+1 seconds, while for the internet 10 Kb + 10 Kb.
  • The step charge for Roaming Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina Packages (incoming and outgoing calls) is 30+1 seconds, while for the Internet 1 + 1 Kb.
  • For the Roaming Kosovo and Western Balkans Promo Zones, the step charge for incoming and outgoing calls is 30+1 seconds; for the Internet is 1 Kb + 1 Kb.
  • You can activate up to five Promozone 1, Promozone 4 and Promozone Extra packages within a calendar month.
  • You can activate up to three Promozone Internet, Promozone 10 and Countries Packages within a calendar month.

The countries (operators) where you can profit the prices or benefits of the above packages are as follows:


Promo Zone 1:

Postpaid customers: Austria (T-Mobile), Belgium (Belgacom/Proximus), Bulgaria (Telenor), Czech Republic (T-Mobile/Deutche Telekom), Estonia (Tele2), Finland (DNA), France (Bouygues Telecom, Orange France), Germany (T-Mobile, O2 /Telefonica), Greece (WIND), Hungary (T-Mobile), Italy (3/Wind), Israel (Pelephone), Canada (Bell ,Telus), Kazakhistan (Tele2), China (China Unicom), Croatia (Tele 2,T-Mobile), Latvia (Tele2), Liechtenstein (Salt), Lithuania (Tele2), Luxemburg(Tango), Netherland (KPN), United Kingdom(O2/Telefonica), Malta (Go Mobile), Poland (Play/P4), Portugal (Vodafone), Cyprus (MTN/Epic), Romania(Orange), Slovakia (T-Mobile), Serbia (Vip/A1 Telekom Austria), Slovenia(Mobitel/Telekom Slovenia), Spain(Movistar/Telefonica), Sweden(Comviq/Tele2), Turkey(Avea/Turk Telekom, Turkcell), Switzerland (Swisscom), United States of America (AT&T).

Prepaid customers: Austria (T-Mobile), Belgium (Belgacom/Proximus), Bulgaria (Telenor), Estonia(Tele2), Finland(DNA), France (Bouygues Telecom, Orange France), Germany (T-Mobile,O2 /Telefonica), Greece (WIND), Hungary (T-Mobile), Italy (3/Wind), Israel (Pelephone), Canada (Bell ,Telus), Kazakhistan(Tele2), China (China Unicom), Croatia (Tele 2,T-Mobile), Latvia (Tele2), Lithuania (Tele2), Luxemburg (Tango), Netherland (KPN), United Kingdom (O2/Telefonica), Malta (Go Mobile), Poland (Play/P4), Portugal (Vodafone), Czech Republic (T-Mobile/Deutche Telekom), Romania (Orange), Slovakia (T-Mobile), Slovenia (Mobitel/Telekom Slovenia), Sweden (Comviq/Tele2), Turkey (Avea/Turk Telekom, Turkcell), Switzerland (Swisscom), United States of America (AT&T).


If you need help please feel free to contact our Customer Service at any time by dialing from abroad: 0035567123.

For further information you can visit our ALBtelecom shops, official webpage where is provided chat online, WhatsApp or Viber support at 067 2000123, or call the Customer Service at 123.

Last Update: 28 June 2019